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A Rare Photo of Young Reverend Lucy Natasha

We all know who reverend Lucy Natasha is, she needs no introduction, but for the sake of those who may not know her, she is one of the top female priests/pastors/evangelists and preachers in Kenya most noticeable with her flashy lifestyle.

She is the overseer of the International Ministries located in Nairobi, where she offers evangelical service to her flock of believers.

Enough with the intro, as you have seen she is characterized by real top-notch lifestyles but little did you know that she wasn't always like that, she started just like you and from the bottom and that is what she turned to Instagram to show the netizens.

Today took to Instagram and shared one of the rare photos of her from when she was still young and just starting on her journey to where she is right now, have a look

As you can see if you compare her current photos you won't believe it, it is true people come from far, and what matter are dedication and endurance. If you dig deeper into her life you'll know, just to share a little about how far, she was raised by a single mother, life was tough but despite all that, she made it through to where she is today

She made it through and she has all the right to enjoy and share with the world may God keep blessing her to reach even more heights.

Thank you for your time, I hope this was worth your time, have a lovely time peace ✌️

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