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Five Beliefs Practiced By The Seventh Day Adventist That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Last week Friday during the hearing of the BBI appeal, Martha Karua requested the courts extend the sittings to past 6 PM. Her request was denied because one of the presiding judges claimed that he was a Seventh Day Adventist and his religion wouldn’t allow him to seat past 6 pm. Below are so many beliefs practiced by the said religion that you probably didn’t know existed;

A Day begins from sunset to sunset.

The world believes that a day begins from noon but for the seventh day Adventist, a day begins from 6 pm when the sun sets to the next day when the sun gets to set again.

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They do not celebrate Christmas

Christmas is very important in the calendar of Christians. But for the SDA’s, do not celebrate this day because it is not recorded in the bible.

Food like red meat, Tea leaves, and pork are discouraged.

They strongly follow the teachings of alleged prophet Hellen G. White who claimed that such eating habits are harmful to the health and thus discouraged.

They worship on Saturday

They strongly believe that God rested on Saturday and therefore it is the day set aside by the Lord for people to worship.

Women are not allowed to wear trousers

It is very rare to spot a seventh-day woman dressed in a trouser in church or during the week. This is because their teachings prohibit.

With other practices do you know from the SDA religion? React below.

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