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How God Reveals Himself To You Unknowingly

God speaks to us in different ways. As Christians it is important to understand the signs God uses to manifest himself to us. God speaks to us regulary when we learn to recognize his presence in our lives. 

According to the bible, God uses unique method to reveal himself to us. In this article, we have discussed ways God reveals himself to Christians. 

Dreams - Christians may feel God's presence through dreams and visions. You may visualize things that will happen in future through dreams. Pray to God consistently so that he can manifest himself in your life. 

Through people - God manifest to us through pastors, doctors, orphans and the less privileged in the society. Through the bible, God guide us on how we should live righteously through obeying Him.

Through nature - The voice of God can be manifested through nature and his creations such as birds. 

Through Natural Calamities - God can talk to us through disasters such as floods, earthquakes or, droughts.

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