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Why Your Pain Should Never Be A Bother Anymore

Even though life has seemed to be tough with all sorts of unbearable pain in your life, don't let it have power over your life. The delay of your relieve from that pain is not comparable to a relieve of pain from your neighbour.God has already established a plan for your rescue, only that the way he does it for each one of us varies.

There is a scripture from the Bible in the book of John 11:4, which talks about the resurrection of Lazarus who was a brother to Mary and a friend of Jesus. His sickness which I equate to your today's suffering is not unto death but to the glory of God. It looked like things were never be the same again and that even if Jesus was to come for his rescue, it was already late. Lazarus had already died.

But imagine it was not that way. Things changed when Jesus came. Lazarus was raised from the dead.Your Today's pain is a stepping stone to your new phase of life. Don't bother about how but just believe that pain is a way to your success.

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