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'Ensure You Leave Campus With Degree And Wife' Pastor Leaves People In Stitches After What He Said

We are always reminded to be careful with the kind of churches we choose since not all bring spiritual nourishment to congregants. Some pastors may not be professionals and all they want is to gain money from people. Some actually spread fake sermons just to keep congregants lively and ensure they come with more friends next time. Apparently, today a pastor was captured on a live video preaching to people. The clip was posted on Instagram by' Mpashogram' and actually people were left wondering if the pastor was really serious with the kind of advice he was offering to his people. The pastor was captured saying' ensure you leave campus with a degree and Wife'. The preacher went ahead and said that this issue of people saying that they went to campus to study and attain a degree should stop. According to the pastor, when you go to campus, ensure you come out with a degree and Wife. Do you agree with him?

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