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Why Apostle Peter Was Crusified Upside Down

The Bible does not record how Apostle Peter died. Peter was one of the disciples of Jesus. He is the one who denied Jesus. Peter was very courageous. He is the only disciple who followed Jesus when His hour of death had reached. Peter had good leadership skills. Even when Jesus ascended into heaven, authority was transferred to him.

Apostle Peter's upside-down crucifixion is recorded nowhere in the Bible. However, numerous writers of that time described his death as having occurred in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero. Several Christians were held responsible during the reign of Emperor Nero and Peter was one of them.

He was crucified upside down because he requested to be crucified that way. To him, this was a sign of humility to God. He did not consider himself worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus and so requested to be classified upside down. Please give your view and also share.

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