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Ruto in Homabay: What Pastor Said About Giving During The Church Service

Reverend Stephen Mairori in his sermon spoke about giving during a church service attended by President William Ruto and a section of politicians.

Rev Mairori while speaking about Abraham and how he was asked by God to sacrifice his son told the church congregants at African Inland Church, Homabay that what they give belongs to God.

Mairori said a section of those who go to church have failed when it comes to giving their tithe adding that the work of the church cannot be accomplished if people don’t give.

He said if Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son can those who are in church give ten percent of what God has given them?

“Never withhold anything from God. Whatever God has given us it is His, the wealth that we have, every treasure that we have belongs to God. And he has a right over all of them and he teaches us that when I call on you, do not withhold anything,” said Mairori.

“We who are in church are guilty as charged. What God has given to us is so much and his mission and work here on earth cannot be accomplished because those people who call him and know him are withholding from the Lord. The Lord is teaching us, do you really love me, what I have put in your hands, are you willing to release it?,” added Rev Mairori.

(Watch the video from 12:50 minutes)

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