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Wonders Of God: See Pictures Of The Rocks That Grows Reproduce And Moves When It Rains

God and his creation are both fantastic in their own ways. If you ever have any doubts about God's existence, try to explain how water can exist in a coconut or why there are more hairs on your scalp than there are fingers. Considering one's own existence is sufficient evidence for God's reality. Do you know your way around the mountains, rivers, and outcrops that make up the world's topography? Have you ever been to Romania? Is that the case, have you specifically visited the Trovant Rocks?

Science always finds a natural answer for every one of God's miracles, and this one is no different. After an earthquake, the stones in the area shattered into tiny fragments, and over the years, the stone's exterior hardened.

The stones in the Romanian village of Costesti are rumored to be able to shift position and grow in size, according to urban folklore. It's incredible that rocks have the ability to move at all, considering they are inert. Research into the issue is carried out as is customary. When it rains, there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, and the chemicals in the center spread out, putting pressure on the exterior to grow to make room for the shrinking interior. By the time this is over, the danger will have increased proportionally.

Scientists say this explains the creatures' adaptability and movement. After it rains, the rock should spread out because the chemicals and minerals within it will be under pressure to develop and reproduce.

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