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How Victory Will Be Your Portion This End Of The Year

Gen 26:12; Isaac sowed seed in that land, and in that year he reaped a hundred times what was sown. The LORD BLESSED him.

The material things you have, the cars and the houses and the resorts are a byproduct of THE BLESSING of God. The Blessing is not a thing, it is a spiritual force, a divine ability that is placed on a man so that he can produce supernatural results.

Isaac in Gen 26 is an indication of productivity and fruitfulness. God can usher you into a realm of multiplication, where toil is a thing of the past. I pray that this shall be your portion.

But while we are excited about the harvest that we are about to receive, let us be informed that for Isaac to harvest, he first SOWED. The quality and quantity of your harvest will always be determined by the quality and quantity of your seed! May the Lord Bless you and keep you, together with your family and everything that has your signature on it.

In the remaining days of this year, laughter, abundance, peace, healing, good news, and open doors shall be your portion. You shall finish this year well, you shall finish strong. Do not give up, your victory is around the corner.

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Blessing Isaac LORD


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