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How To Understand That God Is Indeed Great

God is God. God can do what He wants. He sees the tiniest details that even escape the most meticulous human scrutiny. He plans down to the tiniest detail to such an extent that it would “blow away” the minds of the best planners. He never misses a thing. So why on earth does He have a ninth-month pregnant Mary traveling over 100 miles on foot and perhaps sometimes by donkey (not very comfortable) in the dead of winter?

Now we know that temperatures can vary greatly—we have had warm winters and cold summers. Nevertheless, we can have a rough idea of the climate of most areas—especially since the days of meticulous record-keeping. If you look at the average temperatures for Nazareth during the end of December, you will see that the average high during the day is around 55°F. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 42°F.

Now, of course, people were much hardier in those days and were somewhat acclimatized to the conditions—not having windows, insulation, central heating, etc.—but anywhere from a minimum of 5 days to around 10 days on the road, in the outdoors, for the best part of the day—is still cool if not cold! From sunrise after 6:30 am, to sunset around 4:30 pm, gives around 10 hours of daylight.

The temperatures for Bethlehem—being merely 75 miles or so, as the crow flies, to the south—were pretty much the same as Nazareth. Added to the factor is that this is the wet season in the Holy Land, with LOTS of rain and wind adding to the unwelcoming climate—which, as we know today, reduces the REAL FEEL of the average temperatures even more! December, January, and February account for over half of annual rainfall—with it raining every other day on average.

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