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What a Bible Front Cover did For Me.

I used to study the bible all my life, but every now and then I would misinterpret the word, and my actions would be contrary with the bible. There was no thought of asking myself if the Bible was actually transforming me or if I had a problem understanding righteousness and sin. To me, the bible was read as a story rather than the power of God's creation. I study the bible in order to pass tests in school or college, or even to preach, but I realize that the bible I learned was not in me since I was not meditating and being careful not to offend God the source of the everything. I was irresponsible, but I considered myself a pastor. I never realized that Peter denied Christ three times and Thomas doubted Christ, despite the fact that they were close associates of Christ. I purchased a bible that I did not value in my heart.

I opened my eyes one day while praying with the bible in my hand and saw the words Holy Bible. Then I was really heartbroken since God's Supernatural is Holiness. The word Holy conveyed to me everything I needed to know about God. Then I realize that the author of the bible must have witnessed God's power and declared it Holy, not simply the bible. Even before I read the Bible, I misunderstood the word on the cover. This was enough of a message for me to accept God as holy as He is before I read the Bible, because He condemned the world before the light. The key to opening the word was repentance, because holiness requires consuming the deepest sins.

What I never achieved, I began to strengthen. I offered to help myself grow my faith, I sacrificed my ears to listen and be obedient to God. I asked God for mercy each and every day until God started revealing to me His feelings. You can live in Christ denial, assuming that reading the Bible would get you to heaven, but this is not true unless you come to understand God and inherit Him. Be the bible itself and live.

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Christ Peter Thomas


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