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Bishop Praying for Offering Leaves DP Ruto, Congregants in Stitches After What He Said

Deputy President William Ruto and congregants were left in stitches after the Bishop targeted journalists as he was praying for the offering.

Bishop Jacob Inyingi while praying sent a message to journalists that they should also give an offering since they received the message he had preached.

It seemed Bishop Inyingi had noticed that journalists who cover church services don’t give offerings and decided to indirectly tell them to give while praying.

The Bishop said “Prepare your offerings,” as he made a short prayer and before he could finish he said, “even the journalists should give their offerings” as the journalists are heard laughing in the background.

Bishop Inyingi during his sermon gave a short story that left DP Ruto and the Tangatanga leaders excited as he urged the DP not to give up on his dream of being in State House.

In the story, the Bishop said there were three dogs and they each had a dream of catching and eating a rabbit before they died.

One day while they were sleeping, one dog saw a rabbit and the dog said his time to fulfill his dream is now and it decided to chase the rabbit.

During the chase, the second dog woke up and saw the tail of the other dog and decided to run after the tail to see what the dog was chasing.

When the third dog woke up, the Bishop said it saw dust and decided to follow the dust to see what was causing it.

Bishop Inyingi left the church laughing as he said the third and the second dogs ‘withdrew’ from the chase after they got tired and only the first fulfill his dream of eating a rabbit.

Ruto who was laughing started to clap as the Bishop turned and faced him as he said, “Am praying you will not get tired until you fulfill your dream.”

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Inyingi Jacob Inyingi Stitches William Ruto


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