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Catholic Church Prohibit Processions a Week to Palm Sunday

Corona virus is still spreadind day in day out. As we near Easter Monday and Good Friday catholic members have been celebrating the Palm Sunday. Archbishop Anthony Muheria the Interfaith Council Chairman has prohibit their will be no night vigil or processions services allowed, so that the measures in line to curb corona virus from spreading.

The churches always remember to arrival of Jesus' during the Palm Sunday which is a week away.

This week on Monday some crucial observations were made and it was noticed that the churches are recording the highest numbers of corona virus infection and deaths Muheri said. On his statement he requested the government to stretch their hand to help the churches which cant afford the sanitizers.

On March 17 the Interfaith Council had a meeting and discussed and made sure it was implemented that all the worshipers to make sure they sanitize before they visit the church for service. He also encouraged all the congregation in church to wear masks all through the church service.

“Where possible, it is preferable to have services in the open air.”

“We appeal to religious leaders to insist on the proper wearing of masks, covering both nose and mouth.”

Muheri noted that the pastor must always put on his mask even when taking through the microphone. in the contrary he urged the worshipers to avoid physical contact and make sure the microphone is sanitized regular.

All services should not go beyond 2 hours.

He added that residents are prohibited from going to funerals except if you are the close member of the family. "We need to reduce the attendants at funerals to 100. This basically means only family members are required."

Content created and supplied by: Hanahkibengo (via Opera News )

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