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How to know the real Christian by his or her deeds.

If you are a new Christianity there's a good chance you're an adult or young adult. This means you are obviously came from somewhere in reference to your ideas, background, beliefs and habits. May you have come to Christ after involvement in another religion or philosophy or perhaps you were raised in a christian home, drifted away from beliefs you were brought up with and have now committed your life to Christ.

Of course there's no way for this article to anticipate every aspect of your background and what brought you to Christ and Christianity. But it's important for you to keep in mind where you have come from because your past may influence your present life in Christ.

As a new Christian you may find yourself somewhat confused as to what your next step should be while there is a general route you may follow, such as gathering regularly with fellow christians, there is no exact plan spoiled out in the Bible regarding your next steps. God does have a plan for you and your life, but it is something you will discover as you grow as a christian and mature in your relationship with Christ.

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