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The Difference Between Christianity And Other Religions

Christianity is about God sending his son to turn men into his sons so that they can be entitled heirs of His Kingdom. It is about a blessing promised to Abraham being fulfilled through forgiveness of sins and transformation of man Spiritually and Physically on this Earth to fit royalty in the heavenly and in the eathly realm.

It is about man realizing his position in creation, repenting, regaining and exercising his authority. It is therefore gospel, a good news. It is a good news of power and not just words but evidence in transformation and promises that only call for God's might for them to be actualized.

Therefore Christianity is about man becoming Christ like, a Christian. When we get transformed and begin to understand our identity as sons of God like Jesus, then we begin to show up in righteousness and power like Christ.

We humans fell from authority in the garden of Eden when Adam disobeyed God and ate the fruit. We lost power and people became prone to death. But when we become Christ like we rise back to our position, Jesus Christ promises us eternal life and a body that never falls sick or dies. This is evidenced by his own ressurection and the power of the Holy Spirit who is a great witness in our times.

God never gave up on man when he fell. He came up with a plan to save him. Therefore the Bible is written to show this record and give us a glimpse of the future of this plan as well as a history of it. We also get to see examples of what it means to walk with God and the repercussions of living in error. The Bible is therefore our preparation manual, it is not just a book of laws.

It is a book of love showing the effort of God, the effort of men and where the shortcomings spring from. It shows how God deals with the shortcomings and how He is the only answer. It shows how man messes and degenerates without God and how he thrives and flourishes with God.

It's the preaching about the availability of help in the Holy Spirit and in God to overcome our shortcomings and the voice of a shepherd to lead us eternally. It is the announcement of a just Kingdom that will rule throughout all eternity on earth and in heaven. It is a story of a loving heavenly father and his sons, how He brings His sons up and how He gives them the whole earth for an inheritance as He had given Adam. It is the story of how through one man the world was corrupted and how through another eternity and righteousness was established among the sons of God.

Eventually, Christianity is about the thriving of God over Satan and His lies in a just way. It is about good overcoming evil on the scales of Justice. It is about God establishing the law and fulfilling it to bring out fruits of eternal Justice. It is about the judgement that puts a halt to all evil and establishes life when death is overcome. It is the story of how life came to humans, how death followed, the effects of the death, how it was overcome and how it was extinguished.

This is why Christianity cannot be just a religion. The Bible is not just a lawbook, it is a story of a relationship too, a consistent story with a past and a future.

It is a promise of victory, a story of how you can overcome in this life and attain eternal life with the help of God and how you can help others too.

Christianity is giving true meaning to your life and existence with regards to eternity. Finding an identity that will out last the world, as a child of God is only found in Christianity.

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