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3 Ways In Which Size 8 Reborn Has Changed Since The Day She Got Saved

There is cheeriness in living a spiritual life that pleases God, an individual's way of existence completely evolves if she makes the decision of dwelling in Christ truly and faithfully. This is the same scenario with Size 8 who resolved freeing herself to God roughly 8 years ago. Let us take a look at how her lifestyle has changed since then.

To begin with, she had to tailor her songs so that they would meet what spirituality calls for. Therefore, from the world of secular music, Size 8 also called Mama Wambui switched to gospel and has not failed or gone back wards in the same field.

Secondly, Mama Wambui refashioned her dressing code into a style worth emulating by the society including young girls as well as that which embraces God. This is a major amendment because before salvation her dressing was not pleasant as compared to the current.

Further more, her life these days seems to have a direction as we saw her attend a Bible College and eventually being ordained as a preacher at Jubilee Christian Church, Thika. Were it not not for the salvation, she wouldn't be doing this, instead Size 8would be holding secular shows 24/7 which we all know their consequences as seen through other secular artists.

Through photos she shares on her social media, Size 8 carries out christian duties with so much felicity that makes us believe there is jubilation in doing so.

Mama Wambui is a woman worth emulating because from her life we learn that, no matter how unclean we are, the mistakes we have made and sins we commit, it is possible to forgive ourselves, dust ourselves and get up once more.

After that, we cast our burdens to Jesus, ask Him to forgive us, repent and serve Him faithfully and through His grace like Size 8, our lives will be straight and spiritual as we wait for His second coming.

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