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A short prayer for financial breakthrough, spiritual guidance and also Family protection

Prayer is the communication between God and Human being. Most of the times we commune with God through Prayer. Prayer is the connection between divinity and humanity. Without Prayers we as christians we might find it hard to prosper. Below is a short prayer to thank God for His goodness, ask for financial breakthrough, spiritual guidance and also protection. Let's all share this word of prayer and the Almighty God will bless us all.

"Everlasting God king of kings, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Thank you God for your goodness and Mercies all through. For your as the book of Psalm says that your goodness and Mercies will follow me and I have witnessed it.

Thank you God for the financial breakthrough that you have promised me. You are the owner of Gold and Silver. May you bless me with finances my God. When you bless me God don't bless me with too much wealth which will make me forget you. Bless me and my family, sustain my job and my workers.

Father God thank you for your guidance. The Holy spirit of God has always been on my side to direct me on the wrong and the right. Thank you God for you are so Faithful my redeemer. I bless your holy name for the guidance all along you are good Lord.

Thank God for the family members you have given me. May you remember them in every activity that they will do. May their success not be recognized as theirs but may your victory be witnessed among Nations. Thank you God for your protection. Protect my family from all plans of the devil. Every trap we come against it in the Mighty Name of Jesus."

Thank you God for everything we have prayed and believed in Jesus Mighty Name. If you find the prayer as a blessing don't forget to comment an Amen. Remember to share,like follow and comment.

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Almighty Alpha Omega


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