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Why It Is Difficult To Understand The Ways Of God

God doesn't always give us the full picture; sometimes, His words and ways might seem very senseless and useless to us but don't forget that when those people saw Noah building an ark in the middle of a desert, they laughed, and mocked and scorned him.

God's ways were hidden from them and as such, they saw that action that God instructed one of them, Noah to carry out, as a mad and insane move. Year after year, he built, and year after year they laugh and laughed.

While he struggled to obey God even when it wasn't very clear to him, they were busy mocking him and his God. They wondered how an impossible idea from an unseen God, could end up ending their precious lives. See, Noah's ark never made sense to them until the rain started coming in its torrents. Noah's ark was seen as a senseless project until the jets of water came.

Even when they had the opportunity to enter the ark, they chose to do otherwise and this last move spelled doom for them all. Because they couldn't fully picture it, they philosophically punctured God's arguments and this landed them in a land of no return. Brethren, you can never understand every move and step God makes or which He instructs you to make; but don't wait until you see the entire staircase, just take that step when He asks you to do so.

If you are waiting for God to give you the full picture, then you will never start. See, there's a reason why the Bible said that without faith, you can never please God (Heb. 11:6). See, Jesus himself said that blessed are those who have not seen yet believed (John 20:29).

And St. Paul summarily said that we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). If you can't go beyond the physical picture you have in your mind, to blend with faith and in faith, to that which God has for you, even though you may not see it fully now, then you will stumble, crumble and tumble along life's highway.

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