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Are All Old People In The Society Especially In Kisii Land Witchcrafts? Why Burn Them Like That?

I have just decided to write this article out of mercy and humanity and sympathy for those old people who have lost their lives in the name of witchcraftsim. This is following the recent brutal one that happened on Sunday 17th October 2021. A grandson decided to chop off his grandmother's head just because the mob pointed her out as a witchcraft! The old woman died in his hands trying to beg for mercies but the grandson just beheaded her with a machete as the mob went ahead burning him. This is in conjunction with other two old ladies who were suspected to be working together with her. How does this one sound especially for the young generation killing the old mercilessly out of witchcraft.

God cannot condole this behavior. Even if the person is evil, you should not go ahead to kill them. Just capture them and hand them over to the government to work with the law effectively. Why do we take judgement upon our hands and decide to kill them? Remember it is a sin.

Exodus 21:12

He who strikes a man do death shall be put to death too. Read the Bible wisely and avoid hell fellow friends.

Genesis 9:6,,, Whoever shades the blood of man to die out of anger shall be put to death too because this man was created in God's image and likeness regardless of his wickedness.

The Bible is very clear about this. But why should we go against God's will. Remember when the pharisees tried to kill the adulterous woman. What did Jesus tell them when she was taken over him? He simply told them that whoever who has never sinned be the first one to stone him. All of them fled away because they knew they are wicked.

I come from this community and am not happy for those who keep burning the elderly out of witchcraft suspense. Throughout my whole life,I have only encountered one old man being beaten and burnt to death out of witchcraft felt in him. This has never stopped scaring me; now ten years down the line. The incident remains afresh and anew each time I think of it.

We can't deny, yes witchcraftism is real and it does exist. Those people can really haunt you and do what you little expected. Among the wonders, they may decide to take lives of innocent people. In the same spirit, it is evil. When most of them are suspected by mob justice, they go killed bitterly.

My question remains; Is burning these people a good way of reducing the evil norm? Where exactly do they find evidence before burning and killing those suspected witches? Don't you think most of them are falsely accused and killed innocently? The Bible denies these because you have just committed two sins; Accusing someone falsely and killing the person.I am very sure that most of our elderly people who are suspected to be witches get killed out of false hitches. This brings me to another agitating phobia where the going accremating youths view the aged; especially the poor ones who are either abandoned by their children, widows and widowers as witchcrafts. Out of ignorance and lack of education, we go ahead killing them thinking that we are doing it wrong but God is not happy.

Take your case it is your own old and helpless mother or father roasted in fire like that! How do you feel especially when she is innocent. Leave alone innocency, how do you feel about the pain of losing a mother or a father out of brutality by a weird society out of unconfirmed unapprobations? It is high time we change please.

Ask yourself how young and pure you are before you lay a killing hand upon the aged. It is very wrong and I can't just feel easy unless we people change. The youths are now lost; looking for old people and killing them in order to eliminate witchcraftsy especially the helpless and poor ones. Remember God is watching over those queer deeds and you have to pay for them.

It is very rear to find them killing the aged out of rich families even if they are suspected to be witches! It normally circulates among the poor grandparents.

Why this surely? Did you know that those old people look like that because they are not able to look smart out of poor living conditions? Must you assume that they are just witches? Let us reason please. It is high time we change.

Remember there are even diseases that make the aged look shabbily like that. Most of them suffer a lot. As merciless as you are, you go ahead killing them that they are now witches. So sad before our own community; especially Kisii and the entire nation. I swear that whoever laid a killing hand upon the old lady shall not have peace in life or even see the gates of heaven. You are already a murderer and it is a sin.

I have talked out of anger and am soon publishing a book about this. Please share the article to our people wherever you find them kindly. Follow my channel too because more is coming out of my knowledge. Thank you for reading my article too.

One last word; No person is perfect. We all need God's grace and anointment to be holy. Let us not practice habits that make our creator sad. Be blessed all!

Content created and supplied by: RobertOnsongo (via Opera News )

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