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How To Have Spiritual Ears To Hear God’s Word

Why do ye not understand My speech? Even because ye cannot hear My word!” [John 8:43]. “Even because ye cannot hear my word.” The word “hear” [a Hebrew idiom] signifies to receive and believe — compare John 9:27; 10:3; 12:47; Acts 3:22, 23, etc. And why was it that these Jews “could not hear” His Word? It was because they were children in whom was no faith [Deuteronomy 32:20].

It was because they had no ear for God, no heart for His Word, and no desire to learn His will. Proof positive was this that they were dead in trespasses and sins, and therefore not children of God.

Unspeakably solemn is this. Hearing God’s Word is an attitude of the heart. We speak now not of the Divine side, for true it is that the Lord Himself must prepare the heart [Proverbs 16:1] and give the hearing ear [Proverbs 20:12].

But from the human side, man is fully responsible to hear. But he cannot hear the still small voice of God while his ears are filled with the siren songs of the world.

That he has no desire to hear does not excuse him, rather does it the more condemn him. The Lord grant that the daily attitude of writer and reader may be that of little Samuel, “Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth!” [1 Sam 3:10].

And when He putteth forth his sheep, He goeth before them, and the sheep follow Him: For they know His voice! And a stranger will they not follow but will flee from him.


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