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The Four Walls Of Protection You Need When Fighting Your Battles

1. The Word

God’s Word is referred to as our protection throughout Scripture. Psalm 91:4 (KJV) says His truth is our “shield and buckler.” The shield protects from in front and the buckler protects behind. The Hebrew translation of this verse says He is our “circle of protection.”

When we stand on God’s Word, we become rooted and grounded in something unshakable and unmovable. We are surrounding ourselves with God’s impenetrable shield. As long as we stand on the Word, stay out of fear, walk by faith and exercise our authority, we will remain completely protected in the household of faith

2. The Blood

As Christians, we know about the blood, sing hymns about it, and remember it during Communion. But how many of us truly know how deep its power runs, and all that it has provided for us? Even more importantly how many of us use it and apply it in our lives every day?

The blood of Jesus is one of the four walls of protection God has given us. From Genesis to Revelation, the words the blood are kept before our eyes—a reminder of its importance and significance to God and us. The blood symbolizes cleansing and purification—the settling of a matter.

3. The Angels

One way He does this is by giving His angels charge over you. He charges them to protect you…to keep you to minister to you to deliver you. It’s one of the four walls of protection God has given you. But you are responsible for keeping the wall up!

Angels are at your service to carry out God’s will to protect you from danger and harm (Hebrews 1:14). When you plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, your vehicles, and your home you’re employing angels. When you declare Psalm 91 over your life you’re employing angels. When you speak out, “Angels are protecting me. I send forth ministering angels to protect me and my family” you’re employing angels.

4. The Name

The Name of Jesus is your supernatural protection, your emergency number, and your rescue vehicle, all wrapped up in one. It responds immediately, acts perfectly, and gets the job done without delay or hiccup. It should always be your first line of defense and will help you when there seems to be no way out. And it is one of the four walls of protection God has given you for a fully constructed spiritual fortress.

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