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Woman Explains How Her Pastor Claimed To Anoint Her But Ended Up Sleeping With Her

Susan's home county is Nyandarua, and she was raised there. After finishing high school, she found love, and the couple was later blessed with two children. Her spouse had to kick her out because his family didn't approve of her.

Once she got back to her own country, her younger sister welcomed her to Nairobi and promised to help her set up shop there. She ventured into the clothing-selling industry, and sales were brisk. She uprooted her family, found a place to rent, and became financially stable enough to support them while also helping out her parents back in the village.

She mentioned going to a church occasionally but didn't reveal the name. One time, their pastor invited a male pastor who specialized in performing deliverances. Once again, the church was full a month later. It was the pastor who first told her that she had a voice for music. He told her he'd come over on a Wednesday to anoint her. Since she knew he was a Christian, she immediately welcomed her with open arms. She was bewildered by his directions after he put the oil on her, but she complied.

After she became pregnant from sleeping with him, he told her to get an abortion and forget about them forever. In addition, he warned her that a miscarriage would be fatal for both her and the baby. She has cautioned females to be on guard from individuals posing as pastors and carrying anointing oils.

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