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Pope Francis Admits Nuns And Priests Watch Pornography

While warning seminarians about the "evil" of online pornography, Pope Francis admitted that he and other priests and nuns are also guilty of viewing such content.

Pope Francis has issued a warning to priestly seminarians about the dangers of internet pornography weakening their moral compass.

During a meeting with hundreds of seminarians studying in Rome, the Pope stressed the importance of extraordinary vigilance against the "temptation of digital pornography" since "it destroys the spirit."

Take note of this, brothers. No one with a pure heart, one that daily embraces Jesus as Lord and Savior, can open themselves up to the perversions depicted in these films. And if you have the ability to delete this from your mobile device, do so so that you do not have temptation close at hand. And if you can't get rid of it, take precautions to make sure you never see it again. In Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis proclaimed, "I tell you, it undermines the spirit.

Since "so many people have it — so many lay guys, so many lay women, and even priests and religious sisters," pornography is a problem, as stated by Pope Francis.

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