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Top 5 Richest Churches In Kenya.

Knowing the most wealthy worship institutions in Kenya is a main concern to most of the Kenyans who are not aware about the ranking of the charges based on their contributions and their income in annual basis.

The ranking of the tops churches and the richest worship institutions in Kenya is therefore our main concern to ensure that we keep you on board and keep you updated about the status of the worship places in terms of the financial capabilities.

The rank below is a list of stop richest churches in Kenya.

5. Nairobi Baptist Church

The Nairobia Baptist Church is ranked in the 5th most richest church in Kenya. It has an annual income of approximately 160 million in the latest judge ranking and reports that was intended to the Kenya national bureau of statistics.

4. All Saints Cathedral

The force in the ranking is all saints cathedral church. The worship institution has an annual income of approximately 191 million in the reports that were publicized later in 2015.

3. The third in the ranking is my phone on church. Worship institution us an estimated income of 291 million every year.

2. Nairobi champel

Nairobi champion is the second top wealthiest churches in Kenya it has an annual income of approximately 400 million Kenyan shillings.

1. Citam

The top most richest all the wealthiest church in Kenya is the citam ministries. A church is estimated to value approximate of 1 billion annual income. This the one that owns hope fm

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