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My In-Laws Asked Me To Get Rid Of My Son After He Became Disabled When He Was 3 Years But I Refused- Woman Says

A mother of 11 children by the name of Damaris has narrated how she was asked by her in-laws to kill their son after he woke up one day when he was three years and he couldn't stand nor sit down but she refused.

According to her is that after she got married she was very happy and was blessed with their firstborn, after two years she was blessed with her second born and he was born normal but things changed when he turned three years.

The mother says that her son woke up one day and he was unable to stand or walk and she rushed him to the hospital, the doctor advised her to take him to a better hospital and they did so and they stayed there for two months but her son never got any improvement and they decided to go back home.

she says that when she got home and the inlaws saw that he didn't recover they told her to kill her son because someone might have used witchcraft on him or it might be a curse but she refused and opted to take care of his son.

She says that her son is now 25years old but no one believes it because he looks so young and her mother does everything for him, she lost a lot of friends who don't want to associate with her accusing her of being cursed.

The mother is now requesting well wishes to help her raise money to buy a wheelchair for her son so that he can be able to move from one place to another and interact with other people.

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