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Meet the Disciple of Jesus who Brought a Dead Person Back to Life

In the old testament, we see great prophets like Elijah Bringing back dead persons to life by simply praying for them and letting God do His will. The miracles began long before Jesus came. However, when Jesus came, he performed very many mighty deeds.

Jesus was faithful. He had characters the Pharisees never expected from a leader. He had also gained influence and they were afraid of him. This made them turn against him and had to raise accusations against him and went on to demand that He had to be crucified.

Even after the crucifixion, He came back from life, something that was unheard of. Jesus brought back several lives but this did not end at His ascension to heaven. He gave His disciples the power to preach and perform miracles as a sign of spreading the word of Christ. In the book of Acts 9:40, we see Peter raising Tabitha from death. He used the power and will of God to do this through prayer. In the current world, it is not easy to hear that somebody is brought back from life, and even if it happens, most will not believe. But is it possible?

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