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A Photo Of A Man Alleged To Be A Pastor Sitting Besides Money Stirs Up Mixed Reactions

A photo of a man alleged to be a pastor sitting beside money stirs up mixed reactions.

Pastors are people chosen by God to lead his people and direct them according to God's ways. Pastors are very respectable people in society. If you go to a function, you find that pastors have been given the high table seat. Pastor also plays a big role In society since they pray for people and intervene for them.

As I was going through my Facebook I came across a photo of a man alleged to be a pastor sitting beside a huge amount of money. The man was holding a microphone while a huge amount of money was alleged to be offerings beside him. This photo made me wonder about the amount of money the pastors get from the offering.

People who came across this photo also reacted to this photo. Some said that pastors nowadays use the church as a business. This is how they reacted, Doecas said, connect me, please.

Maybe being a pastor is not a bad idea, right? Kindly live a comment and don't forget to follow my page. Thank you.

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