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123 year Old Woman Says She's a Virgin and Needs a Strong Man to Take her as his Wife

A 123-year-old woman has astonished many by narrating her difficult life of living for over a century without a husband or children.

The elderly woman from a village in Rwanda shared with Afrimax channel that throughout her life, she has never been intimate with a man, let alone seen a man naked, and thus, she has lived as a virgin.

"In my entire life, I have never had a man. I am 123 years old. My story is a little different. It's true, I am a virgin. I used to think a lot about love when I was young, but I could never meet any man," expressed the saddened woman named Nyirakajumba Peragie.

The centenarian revealed that it all began in the early 1900s when she reached puberty, and according to their village customs, girls were strictly forbidden from mingling with boys.

She explained that adhering to this tradition led her to completely isolate herself from men and ended up living a solitary life.

"I never wanted to associate with men. I was very afraid of them, and that perhaps prevented me from finding a partner throughout my youth. I would see men passing by our home, but I never had any feelings for them," she reminisced.

As the years went by, the elderly woman felt the desire to have a man to live with as her husband because many of her friends at that time were already married. However, despite her efforts, she couldn't succeed in finding a man.

"By the time I felt the need for a husband, I had already passed my youth. I had aged, and that deterred men from approaching me," she said.

Despite her advanced age, the woman still believes that one day she will find a man to warm her heart before her time on this stage of life officially ends with God.

"To be honest, I haven't given up hope of finding someone interested in me. If I find such a person, I won't waste any time. I know my age is a big barrier for many men, but I refuse to lose hope until I find a good husband. So, at this time, I feel like you could help me find a man," she said.

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