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Just bow your head and say this prayer and your day and life will be successful.

Heavenly Father King of all glories we are so much Humbled before you this morning. We are glad that you have given us a new morning that we never knew we would see it. Thank you Daddy for your protection all through the night until this far we are grateful.

Almighty God as we start our day to day activities may you remember us God. Walk with us until we reach to our destinations of work. Remember our families may you always be their guider. Provide everything that they require and may they never lack something in this life. We Bless God for you are working God.

We commit our plans this day and the remaining of the week unto you God. We know that you are God who blesses, Bless the work of our hands and whenever we go to work may we never come home empty handed.

We remember the sick,the orphans,the aged and the poor. Father you are the one who caters for all our needs may you cater for their needs Lord we are grateful Lord for you enduring love and mercies in our lives. We Bless your name and magnify it. We know that you will walk with us till the day ends and we shall honor and glorify you Mighty God. It is in Jesus Mighty Name that we have prayed and believed.

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