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How can you explain this verse to a non believer?

Reading the Bible is one thing, understanding another. So you can read the Bible as you would read a magazine, but you may not understand what it says. So, with the help of the Holy Spirit and the pastor, we can understand what it is saying. In this way you will be able to understand the mystery of heaven. Without the Holy Spirit, you would be like an Ethiopian nun who just read the book of Isaiah and could not understand what the book was saying. The Bible was written by people who were essentially inspired by God. Therefore, the New Testament builds that information on the foundation already laid by Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Bible revolves around the teachings of these founding fathers.

Matthew, Chapter 10, verses 34 and 35, states: I have come to turn people to my father, my daughter to my mother, and my daughter-in-law to my mother-in-law. If you take this verse literally, you will think that the Bible is somehow glorifying. Conflicts and their worst are all domestic violence. Known as the Prince of Peace, Jesus caused hatred among his family and confused many.

As quoted above, reading the Bible may not be understandable. Some ministers define these verses in the theological knowledge of the Theological University. Others define it as revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. There is also another group that defines these verses in their own understanding and revelation. It is the duty of all Christians to understand what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church so that you can examine your spiritual life.

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