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Husband and wife relationship

A husband Faces Pastor In Church For Misleading His Wife in Thika

A man from Kiandutu area in Thika surprised many when he went straight to a local church and shouted at a servant of God accusing him of misleading his wife. Believers at church. The man was very angry when he arrived at the church with sweat all over his head. The man reportedly decided to take the initiative after claiming that a servant of God had deceived his wife. The members who had been quiet in the church as the service went on kept their mouths open. “No one helped me to pay dowry to my wife's parents. Stop misleading my wife, ” he warned.

According to reports, the pastor decided to leave the church to find out who was causing the disturbance. “It's you. You are not ashamed at all.. These days I don't see myself as her husband anymore, ”man shouted at the pastor .

The believers decided to follow their pastor outside including the wife of a relative. “Everything I plan to do you will hear my wife say ask mt pastor. Who are you to my wife, ” the man shouted at the pastor.

“Even the baby that my wife gave birth to tells me to change my name because the pastor told her so. Who are you, ” he said.

It is reported that the pastor tried to calm the man down while advising him to find time to talk instead of shouting for no reason.“Today I do not want to talk to you. Find a day to come and talk in detail, ”the pastor told the man. However he did not want to hear anything from the pastor. “When should I talk to you? If you don't stop snatching my wife, she will never step on this church again, ” he warned.

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