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Everyone of us wants and desires to be victorious over something and emerge as a proud winner. Some wants to achieve their goals in life, others want to quit certain behaviors and be free from them, some want to stop sinning and don't know what to do about.

In other words there are a lot of things different people want to emerge victorious of. But have you asked yourself what are corrects steps to follow in order to become victorious as per the bible? There is a clear path to victory as per the Bible and that is:

1.Know that Victory is a Gift

Any person who wants to emerge victorious out of something should first of all accept or acknowledge that victory is a gift or present which is given by God to His people

1 Corinthians 15:57

2.Ask for Victory

After knowing that victory is from God, you should then ask for victory over something you are dealing with. This could be a bad behavior you want to quit, to pass exams, financial plans etc. You should do this by praying to God to give you victory.

Matthew 7:11

3.Believe that God has given you the Victory

After praying and asking for victory from God in a sincere manner, you should then have a firm believe or have it in you that indeed God has listened to you and your victory has been delivered to you.

Romans 6:11

4.Make no provision to fail

As much as God is going to make you victorious, you should also play your part. For example if you want to quit watching pornography, you should avoid visiting those sites, avoid being idle in order for your mind not think in an ill way. If you want your business to succeed you should be hardworking; go to work in a good time, manage your finances well etc.

In so doing you will be making no provision to fail and everything you will be doing is making provisions for victory.

Romans 13:14

5.Watch and Pray

After acting accordingly to what you want, you are then supposed to monitor the situation as time passes by and continue to pray for your victory with no hesitation. By the time you realize, you will have already become victorious.

Matthew 26:41

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