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Why Nomiya Church Congregants Don't Eat This Fish

So, on Sunday after church I visited my uncle who is a strong Nomiya Church elder. I can't well recall what brought about a story about meals and churches, but for real, curiosity is very important. I came to learn the weird reason behind Nomiya congregants abstainance from consuming Cat-fish, famously known as "Mumi" in dholuo.

Photo: Nomiya Church bishop, Eliud Owalo (Centre)

Even though "mumi" is one of the most famous fish meal in the lake, Nyanza and Western regions, Nomiya congregants don't take this fish, not at all. This is the explaination my uncle gave to me, that I'd like to share with you.

Photo: Cat fish/Mumi

According to Nomiya Congregants and believers in the doctrine, it is the cat fish or rather mumi in dholuo language that swallowed Jonah when he diverted his journey from God sent Nineveh to Tarshish. This is a claim that is not clearly stated in the Bible but it's what they believe in. Even though most Christians that I have interacted with over time believe Jonah was swallowed by a whale which later vomited him on the shores, on God's command, the Nomiyas case is different. And it's the reason why they never eat catfish.

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Biblical and matters of religion are however challenging and at times difficult to apprehend. Denominations makes the confusion even more, but atleast the more we interact the more we realise the reasons behind and appreciate other people's beliefs. Thanks for reading

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