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Aden Duale: We Will Respect Muslim Culture By Making Sure Our Women Wear The Hijab.

Mr Duale criticized the wearing of the hijab, a garment that is commanded by the Quran. He appeared to reprimand those who are offended by Muslim women wearing the hijab.

"Every place where the government wants Muslims to sit, whether it's eating, Idi or a national holiday, we will respect Muslim culture by making sure our women wear the hijab.

If you have a problem with the hijab and you are here in Kenya, then you better leave the country because they will continue to wear it," said Mr Duale.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Quran Reading and Recitation Competition Conference at Sir Ali Muslim Club, Parkroad, Nairobi.

According to section 30-31 in Chapter 24 of the Quran, Allah commands Muslim women to wear the hijab because it is a neat garment to cover them up.

There are cases where some Muslim students have been prevented from wearing the hijab at school.

Many times the Muslim community has been complaining about this issue. In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that Muslim students should be allowed to wear the Hijab in non-Muslim schools.

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