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4 Tests That God Put You Through Before Blessing And Use You

1. He'll put your character to the test.

One of the most typical tests that God uses on everyone He desires to use for His glory is the character test. When God puts your character to the test, it's because of your integrity as a servant of God.

Do you completely surrender to God's will in the face of adversity? Will you be able to maintain your integrity in times where you are tempted, or will you succumb to pressure and sin? The character test will reveal to God whether or not He can trust you with important matters, as well as your level of obedience to God's rules.

2. The service evaluation

The service test is designed to reveal and display your faith in small situations. Are you able to serve God even if your finances are limited? Some people claim to have been called by God, yet they don't even serve God or put their faith in what God has given them.

Are you able to start modest or do you wish to launch your ministry in a big way? Maybe God wants you to be an evangelist, but he'll put your ushering skills to the test at that small church. The key is to stay faithful, even in the smallest abilities that God has bestowed upon you. Only then will God entrust you with greater responsibilities.

3. You'll be put to the test of being humbled and hidden.

During the process of being recruited into the Lord's army, there is a moment when the Lord must hide you. Even when disguised, this is meant to test your patience.

There was a period when David was in the desert, fighting lions and bears, and no one knew about him until God chose to raise him from the wilderness to the throne of Israel. During the concealment period, it will appear that you are battling to serve God and that all doors are shut. God has to do this in order for Him to test your patience and see if you can still trust Him in that situation.

4. Discouragement test

The discouragement test is designed to show God whether you can persevere in your faith or give up when things become rough. God is well aware that you will encounter persecution at times, which is why he has to put you through this test.

Some individuals, particularly those close to you, will try to discourage you, which is even more disappointing. People may erroneously accuse you of being a fake man of God, which is why God is testing you in this direction so that you will not be discouraged when things get rough.

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