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6 Ways To Let Go And Let God Handle Your Worries In All Circumstances

Give it to God in Prayer

Prayer is the very first thing you should do in every situation. Communicate with God and let Him know what’s going on. Ask in prayer for your desired results. Ask Him to help you let go and let Him handle it. Thank Him for everything He has done and praise Him in every situation.

Take Your Thoughts Captive

This should be done immediately. I don’t want to put it above prayer because sometimes I don’t recognize my thoughts until I’m in prayer about it.

We shouldn’t be thinking bad thoughts. Sometimes I think the worst first and that’s contrary to what the Bible teaches.

Get in God’s Word

The Bible has everything we need to get through life. It’s filled with real-life examples of situations and consequences. It’s living which means it will speak to you wherever you are.

There are multiple ways to surround yourself with God’s Word. In addition to studying the Bible, you can take printable Bible verses on the go, you can download Christian wallpaper for your phone, and you can even do Bible studies on free Bible study apps.

Have Faith in God’s Plan

Having faith is the foundation of our walk with Jesus. If we don’t have faith in Him and what He has done, we have nothing.

Have Patience

God has a plan but when will that plan come to fruition? This is a struggle for me waiting. We need to give it to God and wait on Him.

Stay Encouraged

It’s easy to become discouraged when we let go and let God handle our lives. Some answers may come quickly but some may not. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.

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