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What the Bible Says About Love

The only thing that can make this word a better place is love and at the time it is the hardest thing to find this therefore makes it the most valuable thing here on earth. If only people could embrace love then things like ,human slavery, murder, corruption and many other social Injustices would have been things of the past.

According to the Bible in the book of proverbs 10.12 the Lord says that hatred stirs anger but love forgives offences, things like hatred does not achieve the will of the Lord to human being instead it destroys the relationships between people, if it can lead to anger ,and anger is like a poison to the heart s of people. If love can make people to forgive each whenever mistakes are done ,then there is assurerity that peace and justice will be plenty in the world, things like family break up can never be witnessed at all.

In Colossians 3.14 , the holy scripture further says that in all of your abilities add love which binds everything together in perfect unity. Love is the binding factor in everything that is happening in the lives of people be it the characters of people or anything.

According to the book of 1st John 4.8 which tells people that whoever does not love does not know God because God is love, so it simply means that love and God is just one thing which can not be separated at all, if someone does not have love in his heart then even if he proclaim to Know God ,it’s all useless and a lie.

Lastly , according to the biblical teaching, in the book of 1st John 4 .21 ,then Lord says that whoever loves the Lord must also love his neighbour, so people should love each other so that development should be seen, human suffering should be alleviated .

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