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4 Ways You Can Strengthen The Operation Of Angels In Your Life

The role of angels in our lives

The role that angels play in our lives cannot be underrated. Although we do not see them daily, angels are always at work in our lives to ensure that God's purposes are fulfilled. You may have actually come across an angel without knowing. This is because angels can take a human form. Hebrews 13:2 admonishes us to be welcoming to strangers because by doing so, some people have entertained angels without knowing. Another example of this is seen when Abraham entertains three men in his home not knowing that they were angels (Genesis 18 and Genesis 19).

Why strengthen the operation of angels in our lives?

What then is the need of strengthening the operation of angels in our lives? This may seem to be a weird approach especially because angels are seen as powerful and invincible beings. However, the angels of God also face a lot of opposition in their missions. They are opposed by angels of darkness who try to stop God's purposes from being fulfilled. This is seen in Daniel 10:13 when an angel sent with an answer to Daniel's prayer confesses that he had been detained by a the Prince of Persia (a Principality in the heavenlies). Eventually, Angel Michael came to the rescue of this angel and he delivered the answer to Daniel's prayer (Daniel 10:14).

In essence, angels exist and their activity in our lives can be strengthened or hindered. Angels that have been commissioned to minister to us can find less expression in our lives if we walk in disobedience, wallow in sin, ignore God's voice and if we lack faith in God's word. Here are a few ways we can strengthen the work of angels in our lives:

1. Walking in purity

We open up ourselves to angelic visitations if we embrace a life of holiness. God doesn't associate with a vessel that is impure and unholy. But chastity and purity pleases God to the extent that He is open to commune with us. This communion and bond can be further extended through the ministry of angels who bring us blessings, good news and who also strengthen us. Therefore, avoid sin and be repentant.

2. Prayer and fasting

Constant prayer is very important in helping to strengthen the activities of angels in our lives. When we pray and fast, the spirit man is strengthened hence streamlining spiritual operations in our lives through the ministry of angels. Daniel was in a period of prayer and fasting for 21 days and an angel of the Lord delivered answers to his prayers despite the tough opposition (Daniel 10:13-14). In addition, angels attended to Jesus Christ after 40 days of prayer and fasting despite the temptations he faced (Matthew 4:11).

3. Prophetic utterances and aligning to prophecy

The words we speak can do us both good and harm. This is why the wise man in Proverbs 18:21 that life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall eat the fruits thereof. Simply put, when we confess good things upon our lives or in that of others, angels respond by ensuring these confessions manifest in the physical. It may not happen at the moment but it may come to pass in future as a prophecy. Therefore, when a prophetic word is released over your life and you hang on it, be sure that it will come to pass. Align to prophecy and learn to speak good things over your life and that of others.

4. Have faith on the word of God

As you align to prophecy, remember that the word of God is rich in prophecy. The bible is actually a prophetic book. Therefore, the word you declare over your life can come to pass. When you rely and have faith in God's word, the angels of God ensure that your declaration based on the word of God comes to pass.

5. Be welcoming

As mentioned earlier, many people have opened up themselves to numerous blessings due to their hospitality. According to Hebrews 13:2, if we entertain some strangers, we might end up entertaining angels. Like in the case of Abraham, angels will not leave without releasing a blessing.

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