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Pastor and prophets you should avoid in you life as a Christian, They are threat to your eternity

Being called to be a pastor is one thing then how you take the responsibility as a pastor is another thing. Its agreeable that God calls many to as Pastors and ministers of the gospel but it does not mean that everyone can be a pastor. some have taken it as an economic activity and therefore it does not have anything to do with heaven.

In that case therefore, below is a list of pastos that you should avoid in your life as a Christian:

1. Pastors who orchestrate miraculous events.

Miracles do happen, but not all pastors are capable of performing them. Some pastors fake miracles, leading to the deception of the bride of Christ. True miracles will only be discovered.

2. Preachers who haven't been born again.

A Christian who has been born again will act in the same way as Jesus did.

They will follow in Christ's footsteps. If a preacher goes against what Christ did, get out of there. Baptism is included. He should be immersed in deep waters for the proper baptism.

Pastors who do not worship God are number three.

Many pastors are in charge of congregations that do not worship God. We have the well-known Satanic Temple, as well as the LGBT community and various churches.A church should worship God. The creator must worship the creater.

4. In church, a person who does not rebuke sin.

Pastors who find it difficult to criticize sin are among us. This is due to the fact that they are doing the same thing. You can't, for example, criticize miniskirts while wearing one yourself. From the pastor to the sheep, dirty attire can be avoided.

5. Money-hungry pastors and prophets.

In the church, money is the source of all problems. Money has the ability to effortlessly divert your attention away from your spiritual life. Pastors who merely want to talk about giving but do little to help the needy are among us.

6. False prophecies by pastors and prophets

A false prophecy is one that does not come to pass. False prophets prophesy falsely. You should avoid religious leaders like these because they have nothing to give you. We will know them by their deeds, according to the Bible.

7. Pastors and prophets who don't wear clothes

We have religious leaders who will appear on the Lord's altar in tight slacks, while others pocket the money. Those who will have shaved their heads like young men in order to demonstrate their advanced western culture. In Christianity, we don't have anything like modernity. It's either you're reborn or you're not.

Pastors that practice polygamy are number eight.

This is in direct opposition to Timothy, who abhors polygamy at all costs. If a pastor has more than two wives, he or she is automatically disqualified as a legitimate pastor.

"This is a reliable saying: If a man desires the post of bishop, he desires a good work," says 1 Timothy 3:1-2. A bishop must then be blameless, the husband of just one wife, temperate, sober-minded, good-natured, hospitable, and capable of teaching.

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