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How Can I Survive The Uncountable Attacks Of The Enemies

How can you survive the uncountable and invisible missiles of your enemies if you don't run to mother Mary for protection? To desert their mother, Mary is to enter into a desert filled with wild and ferocious beasts, who are hungry for her soul. To leave the side of Mary is to take sides with those who want you dead. To attack mother Mary is to attack that mother who loves you so much.

To call her names is to show that you don't even know what you are doing. If you boldly say that she's not the mother of God and you still proclaim that Christ is your Lord and personal Saviour, can't you see that there is something wrong with your logic and that your reasoning is faulty?

How can you respect and bow low before your earthly mother, only to turn and call the mother of your Lord and personal Saviour a mermaid, marine spirit, and an envelope? Can't you see that your Christianity is fundamentally lacking love? And where love is lacking, there God is lacking because God is love. If you hate the mother of Jesus, how then can you claim to love Jesus? How can you survive the uncountable attacks of the enemies if you don't call on mother Mary?

Jesus could have handed us over to the chief priest, to St. Peter, or any other person, but he knew that the maternal protection and intercession of his mother will be eternal and thus he said, "Son, behold thine mother..." He gave us his mother so that the problems and demons of this world won't be able to murder us. If you turn your back on mother Mary, I wonder where you will be heading to.

If you attack that woman who loves you so much, I wonder about the desert you will wander into. Don't let the tongues of men make you see her as a common statue or a marine spirit or an idol as many say. Mother Mary is our mother, and just as the serpent caused our first mother to disobey, so also our mother Mary in reparation for that disobedience that brought us death, obeyed so that we may have life eternal.

She knows you and she knows all that bothers you. Ask the couple at Cana, and they will tell you that there's no woman like that woman who saw, acted, and intended for them to be saved from disgrace... Never leave mother Mary.

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