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Why You Should Not Celebrate The Pain And Tears Of Others

The pain of no man should make you laugh and rejoice; it's satanic. The tears of others should bring you to tears, and shouldn't be an occasion to celebrate and drink beer because the other is crying, failing, or dying. When one of us cries, we all should cry, not dance.

It is sadistic to suddenly proclaim oneself a prophet because something bad happened to another person; it is unfortunate to say, "I said it," when something goes wrong in the life of that young boy. It is demonic to have a hand in the evil that befell someone, and to contribute to the fall of your brother is to become a descendant of Cain.

If the promotion of your brother lands you in the land of frustration, you need to pray hard because you are gradually sliding into the land of witchcraft. If you can't sleep at night because God raised your brother or sister and as it stands, all that caused him pain has disappeared and he is basking in the joy of the wealth and health that God blessed him with, and this has made you bitter, sad and restless, then you must pray to be freed from envy, to avoid ending like Cain.

When bad things happen in the lives of people, please pray for them and don't celebrate their pain as if it's your gain. When things go wrong in the lives of others, please better keep silent than utter words of joy and happiness because they fell into unfortunate times and seasons.

People's tears shouldn't be avenues for you to dance around and raise your hands as if you have a boil under your armpit. Tomorrow is far and we don't know what it will bring with it. Please don't celebrate when people cry; pray for them and help them if you can. Even if they are your enemies, celebrating their downfall won't please the Almighty God. Leave vengeance for God; He knows how to repay every one of us... Rejoice with those who rejoice, and cry with those who cry.


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