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Which exactly is the right religion to follow

Disparity in religion has become a subject of discussion in the recent past.Christians claim that's the way to God is through Jesus Christ, Muslims believe that Jesus was the greatest prophet but He is not the way.

The conversation goes on and on asking the real question of after afterlife what will happen when we are done with our earthly activities and one joins their ancestors ones that went on before them. This raised a conversation on Twitter when users started having a conversation about having several Gods but one Satan.

Several Twitter users all came in with their views on religion and about Jesus.One claimed that Jesus is the way to Heaven hence leaving the question that before Jesus appeared on Earth what will happen to the people before Jesus since they neither met Him nor heard about his stories, will they all go to hell because Jesus is the way and they never had the chance.

Another user answered by saying that theologians say that when Jesus died and went to the dead for the three days he actually met the people who had died before and later resurrected.

This raises questions about other religions like the Muslims the Buddhist religion the issues religion has always been on the mouths of people for ages and this is left many people confused on what is the right religion but since no one can change their origin, it is important for all to believe in what they know as right.

But the real question is right thing for you to answer is are you doing the right thing according to your teachings and morals instilled in you by the people you believe in and trust such as parents, guardians religious leaders and this is has left many around the world wondering what they should believe in and what they should do.

Looking at this matter from a vantage position it's clear that the people, cultures, ethnicities all around the world are different hence it wouldn't be different in religion and we should learn to adopt to different ethnicities, religions and also cultures.

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