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" I Have Slept With Many Of My Cousins And Aunts" Kabi Wa Jesus Reveals While Preaching In Church

Kabi Wa Jesus has revealed he slept with most relatives as they took advantage of him. While addressing a congregation Kabi said that most of the time his parents used to take him to upcountry when he was young. It is at this time his elder cousins and aunties took advantage to molest him. Below are some of his confession.

He recalled last year's incident when his blood cousin accused him of being a deadbeat dad as he sired a child with her. Many people wondered how comes he sired a child with his blood cousin. Kabi took this opportunity to explain that it was something has roots in his family. He further explained that he was not the only one in his family to sire a child with his family member.

Kabi was in the church preaching when he revealed that saying that social media have condemned him of hiding in Jesus yet his actions were not religious. He also said that he had explained the stories to his wife Milly wa Jesus who they have two kids together and she couldn't believe it.

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