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4 Reasons Why Pastors Like Manifesting Their Prayers With Sensational Body Touches In Churches Today

Have you ever witnessed and wondered why pastors deceive their congregants by using sensational touches on women's body in the name of mediating for God's favour?

That's why i decided today to give you some basic reasons behind this condemned social and spiritual vice.


Most ladies when in the state of despair,they typically rush to decisions that lead to extreme behaviour.For instance,a lady who is desperate to getting a child in this case,she will always find it easy to submit to some of this weird prayers we always witness in churches.The key solution is to this,is to face God anytime and talk to Him like the Biblical Hannah.

2.Beautiful Women

Indeed we must appreciate that God really created everyone to be good-looking.Moreover what should be noted is that the greatest cause for a man to sin is the lust for 'flesh'.That's why whoever overcomes it,then absolutely he might not be prone to sinning.

Evidently,nowdays even choir ladies including church choristers could apply body make-ups and go to church with 'enticing' and temptious dressing codes.Finally this is where the so called 'men of God' take the advantage of setting prayer standards that could lead them to tasting the 'body fruits'.A pastor kissing out demons[Photo Courtesy]

3.Misleading Western Culture

Social media has really impacted the social and spiritual way of life with the kind of misleading social clips.Evidently there are some of the vices that the Western people do promote like Nuns having body pleasures within the Parish or church.Whereby unfortunately this has been normalised in Africa at large.That's why we won't stop witnessing this disgusting prayers in the house of God.

4.The Love for the shortcuts in life

Absolutely it is a human nature that everyone could wish for a best life without much 'sweating' but at the end ruining it all as shortcuts have got there prons and cons.That's why today in our various churches,people will shout a big 'Amen' if you promise them wonders in their lives.Although here is where the pastors' trap comes in that make the congregants to end up in weird prayer sessions.

Content created and supplied by: Muruka (via Opera News )

Biblical Hannah


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