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The only Country In The World Without A Church

Churches fill a similar role for Christians as mosques do for Muslims, as the former are considered to be the most important places of worship. When speaking about the Christian religion, the Protestants and the Catholics are the two largest subgroups that can be found.

Because the liturgy of the latter is standardized across the globe, adherents of this religion are able to worship in any of the numerous churches that adhere to this religion. There is only one country in the world where all of the population does not have access to a local Christian congregation, despite the fact that Christians can be found in almost every country on the planet.

In spite of the fact that there are approximately 1.8 million Christians living in Saudi Arabia, there is not a single church in the entire country. Christians in Saudi Arabia are subjected to persistent persecution at the hands of both Muslim citizens and the government of Saudi Arabia. In spite of the fact that under Saudi law and social norms Christians are subject to discrimination, a significant number of Christians still opt to relocate to Saudi Arabia in search of employment and an improvement in their standard of living. This nation does not have any places of worship or religious training institutions of any kind.

Mecca, the city in Saudi Arabia where Muhammad was born, is considered by Saudi Arabian Muslims to be the holiest place on Earth. The prophet Muhammad is the only figure that Muslims in Saudi Arabia revere. As a direct result of this, at least two Meccas were constructed in every region. This Arabian kingdom is home to more than one million people who practice Roman Catholicism, and its people extend a warm welcome to members of that faith and those who adhere to it.

Christians in Saudi Arabia have the same rights as other citizens to work and live in the country at any time, but they are not permitted to practice their religion in public. As a direct result of this, Christians in Saudi Arabia are compelled to carry out their acts of worship in complete and utter anonymity.


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