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How To Know You Are Blessed. (Isaiah 12:4)

Easygoing doesn't mean frail. Moses was submissive, yet not powerless. The genuine jesus was additionally submissive, yet He was sure not frail. 

An easygoing individual shows persistence, quietude, and tenderness and surprisingly under outrageous tension. You eventually depend on God to shield yourself against unfairness, confiding in Him to correct retaliation. 

You are poor in soul.

You perceive your otherworldly brokenness and nothingness before God. You promptly concede your profound chapter 11 without Him. 

Therefore, you feel vulnerable and weak to achieve anything great in God's sight, without his heavenly empowering and help. 

You recognize your requirement for God and your reliance upon Him for everything, both physical and otherworldly. 

You are lenient.

You treat individuals better than they merit. You have the attitude to be benevolent and excusing, being willing to comprehend and assume the best about individuals. 

You treat others sympathetic and empathetic, particularly the individuals who are under your force or who can't benefit you in any way. You are moved by their sufferings and disasters and try to mitigate them. 

You are unadulterated in heart.

Your heart and intentions are unadulterated, as is your still, small voice before God. You don't seve God to get pats on the head from Him. You don't have ulterior moti es when you serve. 

You are a peacemaker.

You don't simply trust that harmony will occur. You effectively try for some degree of reconciliation by being cautious with your own words and activities. 

You don't think about things literally or respond brutally to the smallest actually or respond viciously to the smallest aggravations and offenses of others.

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