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Meet Archbishop Harrison Nganga Of Faith Tv

Pastor James Nganga is the founder of both Sasa television and Neno Evangelism ministry which are all located in Nairobi. The pastor is well known due to his strict rules at his church and non tolerance to indiscipline cases. He usually punishes his congregations and some of his assistant pastors. There was a time where he chased away his assistant pastor on the ground that he was cheating with his wife.[Photo Courtesy]

Besides Pastor James Nganga, we have also another pastor from Faith Tv which is free to air on all televisions in Kenya. The pastor is well known because of his good teachings and guidance unlike his counter part from Sasa Tv. Many people do not know him because he has never involved himself in scandals and other social media gossips.[Photo Courtesy]

His teachings goes hand in hand with the Bible and that is why no one has ever doubted him apart from the few who do not believe in his teachings of the word. Christian Foundation Fellowship is his church which has spread in all parts of Kenya. Before Corona virus came into the world, his church was fully occupied but due to some measures set by ministry of health they had to minimize their large numbers.[Photo Courtesy]

Surprisingly, the two pastor Nganga have no family relationship at all. Both of them come form different homes and everyone of them does his own things differently. For instance, the way the teachings is done on Sasa Tv is different from the teachings of Faith Tv. Contrary to the situation, we should not judge the men of God. [Photo Courtesy]

Both Pastor James Nganga and Harrison Nganga are doing their work perfectly which pleases their so loyal followers. We should never judge any any man of God since we will be sinning against God. The matters of attending church services solely depends on the strength your faith. After all the judgement day is coming and everyone would be judged depending on their sins. Hope you enjoyed the article and therefore you can share your comments and likes concerning this story.

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