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3 Signs That The Devil Is Trying To Trap You

The devil and God are always at war trying to take a position in your life. Sometimes you do things that bring God closer to you and other times things that bring Satan closer. In this article we will look at some of the signs you can observe in yourself and know that the devil is trapping you.

1. When you realize that you have not been praying much recently. Maybe because you forget or are too busy to have a little time with God. The devil will use all means including those that benefit you to blindfold you from spending time with God. If your interest in prayer in you has reduced know that the devil is trying to trap you.

2. You find yourself keeping away from fellow believers. The devil knows very well that when people are together their faith is strong. Being away from others will make you weak spiritually as there will be no one to encourage you. When you are isolated, it will be easier to attack you as you will be vulnerable.

3. You find yourself busy that you can not even attend church services or other Christian fellowships. This does not always mean that you have a lot of work than before, it is the devil trying to manipulate you to put your work first before God. This is very dangerous to your spiritual life.

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