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Apostle John Kimani: I Wrote A Letter To God Informing Him To Remain With His Properties.

Apostle John Kimani William from kingdom Seekers has indeed come from far. Apostle John narrates how he followed his gift by resigning from his job as a prison warden to serve God. The problems he went through almost made him to backslide. He started preaching from house to house for seven years, carrying his clothes using a yellow polythene bag. When he went home to visit his mother, the mother was much worried because she had to sell chickens to get him fare back to Nairobi.

At one point, Apostle Kimani's mother thought that he had become insane for what he was doing. He was also forced to write a letter to God. "I thank you God but I have seen how hard it is to get your properties! So, stay with you properties," Apostle Kimani narrates.

He made the decision of separating with God after seven years. He later went to town feeling so discouraged. Coincidentally, he met a bishop who was conducting prayers, who laid hands on him. After the prayers, the power of the Holy Spirit descended on him. The Lord informed him that what he was going through was the normal. The road he was using was the same route where all the servants of God use.

The Lord did not show up after two years but after waiting for him patiently, he finally came! That is how Apostle John Kimani has suffered before the Lord exalted his ministry. To all believers who have lost hopes because of discouragement, pains, sufferings and anxiety, be strong in the Lord. He will still come for your rescue. 

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