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7 Signs That God Wants To Use You For His Glory And How To Submit To His Will

1. You have a deep hunger for the word of God

The word of God is one of the requirements for everyone that wants to be used by God. The word of God helps us to know how God speaks to us and how to observe the laws of God and know how to keep them. When there is a deep hunger for the word of God within your heart, it is a sign that you're an instrument that is worthy of the masters use.

2. When you see results especially in ministry

This is another common sign that God wants to use you in a very special way. You could not be a healer but Everytime you pray to people they receive healing. You could not be a preacher but Everytime you preach and teach the word of God, the lives of people are touched and transformed.

God begins to give you abilities that perhaps other people don't have and this is specially designed to shape your life into your future calling. The secret is to be consistent in seeking him and ensure that the fire does not go down.

3. A strong intimacy with the spirit of God

Intimacy with the holy spirit is a very important thing in the life of any believer who aspires to be used by God. When you start notice a great awareness of the presence of God it's a sign you're a person who values your relationship with the holy spirit. No man can succeed in any ministry without the help of the spirit of God. A person whom God wants to use will start developing this strong relationship and this is is to help the person navigate through obstacles.

4. The strong desire to be used by God

How can you be used by God when you personally have no desire to be used. It is a privilege t be used if God for his own glory. That is why the bible in the book of Mathew 5:16 tells us that; let your light shine that men may see and glorify your father in heaven. The reason why God uses men is for his own glory and That is why he does not force you but instead answers to the desire of a person's heart. If you have the heart to serve God in whatever capacity that you're in, then know that you are the right candidate to be used by God for his glory.

5. Strong admiration for spiritual gifts of God

Do you have the gifts of the holy spirit that you really admire especially when you see them at work in other people's life's. Everytime you see someone prophesying you admire that to even walk in that gifting. That is a sign That God actually is luring into the direction of your calling and you have to give him a chance so that he can use you for his glory.

6. A deep desire to intercede on other people's behalf

This is actually very common when God wants to use you. You will even find that sometimes you forget about praying for yourself and your needs. You will more often than not find yourself praying for other people, praying for the country, praying for your leaders and other people. When God makes you an intercessor, he gives you the burden for other people and so everytime you kneel down to pray m, it it not about you and your needs but other people. That is a sign that God wants to use you.

7. Hearing from God

God speak to us in many ways and to different people without favouritism. Remember God is not a respecter of men and so he does not treat others better than others. God speaks through dreams, visions and even through his audible voice.

If you are a person That constantly has prophetic dreams, symbolic dream and even sometimes sees into the spirit realm, it is a sign that God wants your attention. The reason why God seeks your attention it's because there is a calling on your life that he wants you to fulfill and that can only happen if you give God a chance to takeover your life.

Thankyou for reading and my prayer is that God is going to help you discover your real purpose on earth and give you divine strategies of how to fulfill your destiny. Share your comments below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

Content created and supplied by: HarryJuma (via Opera News )


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